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  •  Like non-union places never,never (5+ / 0-)

    protect the incompetent & un-suitable.I worked in a non-union nursing home for 12 yrs.For 5 of those years I saw another cna,an abusive harpy protected  coddled by manegment.I actually had to go to our local ombudsman for the elderly to force that nursing home into finally firing that woman.She was physically abusive to the residents never got  worse then a 3 day suspension.
    Worse care I ever recieved was in a non-union hospital,at the hands of a non-union nurse.Went home w/a nasty infection from that place too.


    •  no-one said that (1+ / 0-)
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      What I am saying is don't glorify union workers like they are the most talented, god-gifted people. To one nice story in one nice place, there is a greater story of obstruction that plays out behind the scenes to patients. It's what you don't know... that said, I'm not demonizing medical unions or the dismissing the necessity of unions. Here's to unions that protect both member and NON-member safety, to unions that use common sense.  solidarity to competency and worker rights.

      just saying...

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