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  •  I think Park Service had jurisdiction on the mall (0+ / 0-)

    but Capitol Police had jurisdiction around the Capitol for the ticketed area.  And D.C. city police had jurisdiction over streets.  Then there were Army M.P.s, Secret Service, Marines etc.   Hard to keep track of all of them.
    We were at the concert on Sunday and thought the Park Service staff were exceptionally friendly and helpful.  
    D.C. city police not so much.

    •  Jurisdictional lines are very blurry (0+ / 0-)

      We have more police forces than the mind can imagine.  I'll never forget seeing a postal police car shining its light while blaring its siren!  Yes, I saw all of those security forces you mention, along with police forces from other cities and the National Guard from other States.  I never encountered D.C. city police during my misadventures and meanderings.  As much as organizers thought they'd prepared, clearly, they didn't.

      •  D.C. Police busted t-shirt vendor (0+ / 0-)

        Sunday before the concert.  We were trying to buy a t-shirt -- the vendor had set up on the sidewalk and didn't have license with him -- said his boss had the license and had dropped him off to go park.  D.C. cop said he was going to jail.  Didn't seem like the best use of resources.
        Postal police.  I just can't can't get my head around that.

        •  The vendor licensing issue was a very sticky one (0+ / 0-)

          I wouldn't be surprised if another vendor told on that guy.  Yep, postal police.  Even odder to me is the FBI police.  I swear every other agency has its own police force.

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