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View Diary: Standing Behind a Ban on Torture (244 comments)

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  •  Thank you and your entire group (16+ / 0-)

    for fighting to bring back the moral stature the United States lost when it tortured prisoners and renditioned them.  I finished Jane Mayer's compelling book "The Dark Side" just over a month ago and it left me stunned, angry and disgusted at what was done at Guantanamo Bay (and elsewhere)  by the Bush administration.  The callousness and, at times, the rather sick pleasure some in the upper echelons of the Bush administration demonstrated in treatment of these prisoners was appalling.   When we stopped adhering to the standards of due process as well as the core constitutional values we have long held dear, we became less as a people.  I am so thankful and proud that people like you chose to fight for these standards and values and did not walk away.  It feels much better to know that we have the right leadership now and that we are back on the correct track.

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