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  •  What if they didn't care what you knew? (31+ / 0-)

    What if all they cared about was "evidence" to back up stuff they wanted to do anyway.

    Like, let's say that someone wanted to invade Mars, and Mars, obviously, doesn't seem to pose much of a danger.  

    So, they grab you off the street.  They say

    "Tell us about the dangers Mars poses.  What are their plans?  Where are they going to attack?  What weapons do they have?"

    You laugh.  They beat you up.  They ask again.  They stand you in a corner for 40 hours.  They beat you.  They ask again.  They pour cold water on you and keep you in a dark room that's 40 degrees.  They beat you again.  They keep asking the same questions.  Finally they put your wife and two kids in the cage opposite you.  They savage your wife.  They kill one of your kids.  They beat your wife.  They put a gun against your other kid's head.


    Tell me about Mars.  What are their plans?  What weapons do they have?  What's 2+2?  5?  7?  What do you think I want to hear?  What's going to stop this craziness?  What's going to keep your kid alive?  What's going to keep your wife safe?

    Torture does not produce truth.  Torture produces actionable propaganda.  Nothing else.

    The Republican Party: the party of greed, hate, anger, fear, waste, death and destruction!

    by ultrageek on Tue Jan 27, 2009 at 01:19:31 PM PST

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