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View Diary: Wind power set to decline under Obama? (270 comments)

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  •  The french pay a lot less for their electricity (5+ / 0-)

    I think that what we need for the US is the best of what works in Europe, who (let's admit it) are much better than we are at smartly making electricity.

    Germany wind and solar subsidies have cost the Germans lots of money, and have generated a lot of resentment: Berliners aren't all thrilled about subsidizing the Bavarian who decides to put a solar panel on his roof. Electricity prices have increased a lot since this program started.

    Of course, there are benefits, because some of the most advanced wind and solar equipment manufacturers are now in Germany. Maybe that's a good investment - this is a good field in which to be the leader.

    Still, I prefer the French model over the German one. France is 80% nuclear, generate much less CO2 than Germany, have the cheapest power in Europe, and sell electricity to their neighbors, including Germany.

    I would hope that the US is aiming at some happy medium, maybe 50% nuclear, 20% wind, 10% hydro.

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