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  •  Barack gets it (none)
    Barack, nearly alone among major Democrats, can articulate Democratic values in the language of redolent of faith. He is already the spokeman for the party.

    Didn't he grow up in Nebraska or Kansas?

    •  No (none)
      His mother was from Kansas, but he grew up in Hawaii and the Phillippines.
      •  wrong country (none)
        Actually, Sen. Obama spent his early grade school years in Indonesia, not the Philippines.

        Hawaii, Indonesia, and Kenya (Obama's father's birthplace) are all coffee producing areas. Coffee savvy Democrats should develop and market an "Obama blend". It would probably sell better than "W Ketchup".

        * "I still believe in a place called Hope." --Bill Clinton

        by diversecity215 on Thu Nov 04, 2004 at 05:32:41 AM PST

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    •  Hawaii (none)
      but his Mom's from Kansas

      "The revolution starts now / When you rise above your fear / And when you tear the walls around you down" - Steve Earle

      by pHunbalanced on Wed Nov 03, 2004 at 11:20:26 AM PST

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