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  •  What do I tell my Daughter now ? (none)
    What do I tell my Daughter now ?
    by lawnorder
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    Wed Nov 3rd, 2004 at 14:18:54 CDT

    Being the clueless mom of an American kindergartner for the first time, I had no idea school was out today (1)

    I planned to vote after her class ended, at 3pm, to avoid the possibility of getting stuck in line and getting her late for class.

    I spent the entire morning itching to vote, reading Kos and other fabulous sites, fretting over Kerry, fretting over getting my 5 yr. old ready for school

    Me, my 3 yr. old and my 5 yr. old sat outside waiting for the bus, singing Kerry Rimes(2):
    Vote for Kerry, cause Bush is scary!

    Vote for Kerry, cause Bush is mush

    Her school bus didn't show up. I drove her to school

    Well you know what happened, right ?  Not quite.

    a few of the voters, officials start to join in, explaining to my two little angels (ha!) why voting is so important and what the Republic stands for...

    I had to run out of the polls before I burst into tears, of pride, of hope for this country where GOP and DNC can unite and teach the new generations what Republic is all about

    What do I tell my Daughter now ?

    You want the Truth ? You can't handle the Truth ! ~~~~ See my blog here~~~~

    by lawnorder on Wed Nov 03, 2004 at 11:17:16 AM PST

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