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  •  Truth Be Told (none)
    The blog factor is bogus.  It is simply providing click through revenue for the authors.

    The youth vote this year was unchanged, 17% for 2000 and this year.

    Feel good false hope.  

    The real people who were mobilized were religious fanatics voting against homosexuals marching down Main Street.

    Why was this site blindsided by the gay marriage amendments?    The only purpose of the amendments were to move people who otherwise do not care about economics or foreign policy.

    I am dissappointed, mostly in the hype, driven by weblogs, that have let us all down.

    •  Don't Blame the Blogs! (none)
      We pushed a sitting war time president, whose party owned the Legislature, Judiciary and the corporate media, to the brink. The Republicans expended all their weapons this year - voter suppression of minorities, purges of their moderates and outrageously bad legal decisions. That will bite them in the ass for years to come.

      The blogs gave voice to that process when everyone else was too scared to say "boo." I expect that will continue in the next 4 years (which will include 2 cycles of elections).

      If you want to vent your anger somewhere, look those who vote their fear rather than their needs. The left needs to be less afraid to confront them because we fear offending their psuedo-religous sensabilities. Now if you think anyone besides the blogs are going to fight that particular fight, you are out of your mind.

    •  huh? (none)
      I thought the youth vote was only 10% in 2000.

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