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  •  People didn't vote policies (none)
    they voted their emotions.  Obama makes a great emotional appeal and is a wonderful candidate.  But 2008 is too early for him.

    I'm in TN.  I'm glad Phil os Governor, and he is popular, but he has gained that popularity by cutting medical benefits for poor people and failing to get behind progessive tax reform.  Hey - that's what it takles to win here.  But Dems need to forget the south - it ain't going blue so quit saying we have to nominate southerners.  Maybe someone from Missouri or LA could carry their state - or AR - but the rest are out of reach.  The Solid South is solid once again - solid red.  Pick up the necessary electoral votes elsewhere - CO, VA, WV, OH, NV, AZ and MT should all be in play!!

    •  We can't afford to ignore the South (none)
      Wake up people!  We are losing congressional seats and governorships in the south all over the place, while the repugs are taking them in Blue states... if we abandon the south because it's difficult, it's not just the EVs that we lose, it's everything else.   We need to connect with the religious south and show them how our agenda can serve them, so that some of them will vote our way.  It's not impossible: it's all about framing the issues.  Gay marriage is about encouraging stable relationships and communities.  Environmentalism is about good stewardship and loving the children.  Civil rights is about loving your brothers and sisters.  Progressive taxation is about justice for all God's people.  Safe, legal, RARE is an abortion policy that should appeal to Christian voters because it actually reduces the real number of abortions.  And that no one is proposing policy that bans churches, tells people to have abortions, or tramples any of their other rights.  And remind them that separation of church and state is a measure to protect them from persecution.  But this doesn't mean putting a few ads on in the south in an election year, it means going out there and talking to the religious right and showing them how Dem policies work for their values.  NOTICE that I'm not advocating changing our position - I want us to make the effort to reach these voters and show them what we know: that the progressive movement is working in their real interests.

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