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  •   wow are YOU stupid (none)
      let me see if  I have this right....   Kerry another Northeast  Liberal  from Mass and the dems  get killed on  social issues and get blown out  by  rural votes...

     and  the  only guy  who  connects to those   folks in anyway  -- Edwards--  is at Fault?

    "Obviously we are dealing with limited mentalities" -- Daffy Duck

    by wxdave on Wed Nov 03, 2004 at 01:23:49 PM PST

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    •  Which election were you watching (none)
      Don't you have to be visible and seen by those voters to connect to them?

      Is it enough if you're less than half as visible as your frail, 65-year old GOP counterpart who has had multiple heart surgeries?

      Do you "connect" with rural voters simply by having your press aides repeatedly remind the media that your father was a millworker?

      Oh, BTW, thanks for helping us carry Ohio, Mr. Edwards, and we couldn't have won North Carolina without you.  Now that's the power of "connecting"!

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