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    Is like Johnny Damon saying "we're going to Disney World" before the series starts.

    If we learn anything from this election, it's that we have to fight like they do.  Like Rocky, we train, we do the roadwork, one handed pushups, run up the steps as the sun comes up and the music plays...

    ...and when the bell rings for the first round, we charge out from our corner and get kicked in the balls.

    And the right knows that we'll do the same thing again in four years.

    In 2000, "DUI" should have been skywritten over every city in America.  

    This year, Kerry tried to be 'nice' and appeal to the positive side at the convention, and stood by while the Swift Boat Liars turned conviction and integrity into liabilities.

    We need to be as dirty and as nasty as they are.

    Idealism is great, but save it for the inagural address.  That's the lesson I take from two elections where we failed to trounce W like the silly frat boy that he is.

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