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  •  I need all the hope I can get (none)
    My story: spent all day in Northwestern Philadelphia canvassing for the Kerry campaign. Heard reports of the first exit polls which showed Kerry up in almost every swing state that was still on the table. Headed home to vote and VoteWatch in my precinct, which required witing until the polls closed, and recording the posted results. Was very happy to see 485 votes for Kerry/Edwards, out of 522 cast (I live  in University City/ West Philadelphia, near the Penn campus). Then I headed to a friend's house 6 blocks away, where I expected to participate in a celebration for our new president.

    Instead, I got mugged. Yesterday I went from being elated about the new direction I thought our country was going to turn, to one of the lowest points I've had. Sobbing, distraught, in the depressing police department lobby for two hours, and watching state after state get called for Bush. I could not believe it.

    Right now, I need some time to heal. But then, I will return to the fight. I want to be able to believe in this country again.

    I know, this comment is not really on-topic. But reading about what this community plans to do to help advance progessive causes and mind-sets, is helping me get back to a fighting mode. So, thank you all.

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