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View Diary: Enzi is blocking Solis' nomination for Labor Secretary (Update X2) (213 comments)

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  •  This is tricky (3+ / 0-)
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    IIRC, the way to flush out and defeat an anonymous hold is to bring it up to a cloture vote, and make the bastard who put the hold stand up and actually filibuster for it, thus looking like a fool. It's EXACTLY what Reid should do... except...

    Not now. There's a stimulus bill coming through. The whole Senate can't be tied up in knots with a Solis filibuster, when the urgent priority is that stimulus bill. President Obama, a Senator until last week, knows this. Reid certainly does. Does he have enough votes to get cloture, and shut down Enzi? I dunno. Obviously not.

    So. I'd guess that this whole issue needs to wait until after the Stimulus-- and anything else that Obama and Reid urgently want to get through the Senate (judges? other cabinet appointments? etc?) and then Reid at least has the option to go nuclear and make Enzi (and probably DeWitt and Diaper Boy) actually stand up and filibuster the thing.

    I'm no expert on Senate procedure though, so someone closer to the sausage-making process might want to weigh in.

    •  Ordinarily yes... (2+ / 0-)
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      boadicea, allie123

      And I made the same mistake in a comment upthread.

      But as I was corrected, and on further research realized, what is happening here is not truly a "hold" that can be broken by a cloture vote.

      This is a delay in a committee proceeding.  Enzi (and probably others), and by the way it's of record,he's not anonymous, are using the committee rules to make the (specious) argument that Solis failed to give adequate written background information before her hearing.  The rules require that the committee can't hold a hearing, let alone vote, until 5 days after all needed written information has been collected.  So Enzi has loaded her up with mounds of written questions.

      A crappy tactic, no doubt, but not a hold (technically), not anonymous, and not against the rules- at least as long as the Senate is based on the concept of unanimous consent.

      •  Curious... (5+ / 0-)

        Why didn't we ever see this tactic used by the Democrats against some of the truly horrible Bush appointees.
        Mukasey or Gonzales come to mind - their testimony was pretty much complete obfuscation.  If they didn't "know" if waterboarding was torture, why didn't one of the Democrat senators ensure that they had time to research the question and provide an answer by using the same technique used here?

        We know the answer to that, of course, but I couldn't resist asking the question ;-)

        It's time to be the America I grew up believing in - 57andFemale

        by bfbenn on Fri Jan 30, 2009 at 07:14:22 AM PST

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