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View Diary: Enzi is blocking Solis' nomination for Labor Secretary (Update X2) (213 comments)

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  •  So, as its been pointed out above, (4+ / 0-)
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    And at TPM,this isn't really a "hold" and it's not really by one Senator.

    "Holds" only occur once a bill is out of committee and working its way toward a vote on the floor.  

    In this instance, Republicans as a group are staking out the position that Solis failed to adequately answer written background questions before her hearing.  Committee rules require a five-day waiting period before any action can be taken on a nominee, including even holding hearings, once the nominee supplies all written information requested by the committee.

    So, the republicans are stalling, claiming that Solis' answers at the hearing were inadequate and that they need more background, more written questions answered.

    From the LA Timesovernight:

    After the hearing, Republican members sent Solis a series of questions. In one reply, which was obtained by the Tribune Washington Bureau, Solis described her support for the union-organizing proposal as unambiguous. She said that if she became Labor secretary, she "would expect to continue to advocate for passage of the Employee Free Choice Act."


    The top Republican on the labor committee, Sen. Michael B. Enzi (R-Wyo.), has sent other questions to Solis and is awaiting answers. The White House said Solis had responded to more than 15 sets of written questions from the committee. A Democratic committee aide said Solis' appointment was being delayed while Republicans reviewed her replies.

    Committee rules don't provide any particular mechanism for ending the hold, tho at some point they really can't keep sending her any more written questions and will have to move to a vote (after a five-day wait and, potentially, another hearing with testimony).

    But it doesn't seem to me that Enzi is being particularly secretive or that he alone is responsible for the current situation.

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