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  •  I just posted this to my FB and tagged everyone (6+ / 0-)

    Democracy is not just about elections-it's about getting involved and there has rarely been a more pressing time for action. This economic stimulus plan needs to get passed soon. Texas has been relatively insulated from the hardships that the rest of the country has been feeling until recently. If it is one thing we know about this crisis though is that it is moves fast -and it won't be long before Texas is spiraling out of control too.

    This plan includes $25Billion for Texas ..including $25 million for DISD -this means more jobs for teachers and administrators. There is money for green energy projects in Texas, more incentive for companies to come to Texas. Here are some more things in the works for Texas

    Texas would get more than $5 billion for Medicaid, the health insurance program for the poor and elderly, which is mired in red ink. The Dallas Independent School District would get as much as $201 million, some of which it could use to reduce class sizes and pay bonuses to attract better teachers to low-performing schools. The city of Dallas could receive up to $7 million to buy and rehabilitate foreclosed properties.

    But it's not just about spending (despite what the GOP will tell you there are lots of tax credits here) - this is a kitchen sink's that dire.
    About 8 million Texas workers would receive up to $500 – and families up to $1,000 – through a cut in Social Security payroll taxes on their first $8,100 in income. The state's poorest families would have access to a $1,000 per-child tax credit, affecting about 1.5 million Texas children. And nearly 350,000 families would get a temporary, $2,500 tax credit to help pay for college.

    I heard on the news today two interesting things... for every job out there there are 4 people looking for employment and in the mean time Exxon-Mobil posts record profits....Nice huh? Every day we spend dinking around with this is another month it costs us on the back end. I also heard on the news -a 5 year recession...5 YEARS!!!

    Anyway - a lot of us have spent 10 mins writing a list of 25 random things I am asking for 10 minutes for one not-so-random thing:

    Contact your Representative

    In Texas that's Kay Bailey Hutchinson and John Cornyn -(I don't hold out much hope for Cornyn)
    E-mail your representative
    Forward this on
    Figure out how another state will be affected and do the same for your friends in another state.

    I don't have a nice cookie-cutter paragraph for you to cut and paste -but I think it's better if it comes from the individual. :)

    Here's to the start of a great 8 years!

    by Xtatic on Fri Jan 30, 2009 at 11:42:58 AM PST

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