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  •  I want to know the names of companies like this (10+ / 0-)

    so I can boycott them! So, everybody, if you work for a place like this, I want to know! If you work for a company who uses a company like this, I want to know so I can write the company about my displeasure with it.

    I decided to stop buying anything from Home Depot after I learned one of their head honchos was involved in trying to use OUR bailout money to crush union activity. The other companies mentioned I don't buy anything from anyway. I would do without before I'd buy from Wal-mart.

    Predator companies feed on money. We need to let them know they aren't going to get it out of us unless they choose to behave in more socially acceptable ways.

    Somebody should start a diary on this. I would but I don't have the time it would take to aggregate it.

    •  Following is a newletter from a local wine shop: (5+ / 0-)

      "At a recent meeting of the editorial staff of The Poop, we decided not to be whining goons of gloom and doom about the economy.  In the words of a wise man, it is what it is.  We believe that the gods throw recessions at us every decade or so just to remind us that, as Mom and Dad said when we really, really wanted that crappy toy; money does not grow on trees.

      We’re not going to ask you to spend more money than you can afford, but we are going to ask you to think about where you spend your money.  There are thousands of places in America where someone could plop you down on a stretch of highway lined with corporate chain stores, restaurants, gas stations, convenience and grocery stores, and you would have no idea in which of the 50 states you were standing. Locally-owned businesses are what make a place unique.

      Quite a few locally-owned businesses will fail this year.  Some already have.  So if you’ve decided that you want to get a pizza, buy a gift, drink a cup of coffee, or even  buy a bottle of wine, please consider giving our local merchants a chance to earn the dollars you plan to spend.   Not only will you keep your money here, working in our community, but you’ll be ensuring that this place where we live remains vibrant, eclectic and unique, and doesn’t become just another unsightly eruption of generic chain stores along the highway."

      "Fighting Fascism is Always Cool." -- Amsterdam Weekly, volume three, issue 18 (-8.50, -7.23)

      by Noor B on Sat Jan 31, 2009 at 12:25:40 PM PST

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