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View Diary: Jonah Goldberg Trying to Rehabilitate Hitler, Using Obama (48 comments)

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  •  Hitler's not the 'gold standard' Fascist. (0+ / 0-)

    I agree that Goldberg's definitions--or lack thereof--are very troubling and wrong. But I must disagree with you about the Hitler aspect. Recent scholarly work, including several works currently in development, are showing that Fascism is an historically conditioned concept by both time and place. This makes it very, very difficult to sustain any argument where one man or regime is considered a 'gold standard' Fascist.

    Again, Goldberg's comparisons are often intellectually void. But let's counter with nuance rather than historical absolutism. Hitler's regime was plenty horrible without making him 'the' example of fascism.

    •  Making The World Safe For The Next Hitler (0+ / 0-)

      Your point is not worth a rebuttal so allow me to repeat

      By insisting that there is no specific definition of "fascism," Goldberg throws away the many volumes of scholarly study on Hitler's methods done by people that wanted to prevent Fascism from coming back. By claiming that Hitler was not the definition of Fascism, he makes Hitler something inscrutable and mystical, and Goldberg makes Fascism something that is much more likely to sneak up on us again.

      •  I just disagree. (0+ / 0-)

        It's rather rude of you to respond so briskly, so I'll be a bit more clear. I believe your historical approach and interpretation for the present are wrong. Hitler was not the definition of fascism. That doesn't create any mysticism surrounding him--in fact, a longer-ranging examination of German charismatic leaders shows that to stem the tide of a Hitler a more broad approach than labeling him a 'gold standard' fascist is needed.

        •  Thank You For Using The "Big Lie" (0+ / 0-)

          As Hitler said, say something fabulously stupid, and repeat endlessly because you'll win over 25% of the population

          The scholars who studied Hitler called him a Fascist.
          The people who fought Hitler called him a Fascist.
          The people that Hitler killed called him a Fascist.

          Now we have some of the most useless and unemployable right wing dingbats insisting he wasn't, while at the same time adopting his rhetoric.  Much as Hitler insisted he wasn't the bad guy, it was the Jews, and he merely acted in self defense against the Jews, "liberals,"  "liberal press," secularists, trade unions, multiculturism, the arts, gays, foreigners, universities, contraception, pacifists, grades school teachers, and people that failed to cheer hard enough for the army. You know, exactly the the people that Goldberg calls "Fascists."

          Hitler's talking points are the GOP's talking points. The Hagees and others praise him. To them Hitler was merely an antisemite. This allows them to adopt the rest of Hitler's propaganda agenda (substitutuing "Jew" for "Muslim" or "gay") without being called Fascist.

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