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View Diary: Carbon Cap / Tax ... and Dividend? (45 comments)

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  •  RE the penalty ... (1+ / 0-)
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    I agree ... we must "penalize", but rather than bribe coal industry with permits (I know you disagree with it) or moving resources away from polluting areas, I think it much more sensible to be using the funds to help drive as rapid as possible polluting loads in the areas that are coal heavy. A nation-wide Cap & Dividend would, as per other comments, move resources from Ohio to Washington State, rather than put fees on carbon pollution electricity to help Ohio become more energy efficient and establish low/no-GHG electricity options on an accelerated fashion.

    My view is, as elsewhere, the most sensible system is a CAT + a GWIF:  let's set a minimum price level (that is assured to inflate at slightly above inflation level) while also establishing a CAP that will continually drop.  Use the majority of resources to help drive down carbon use and foster a prosperous, climate-friendly society.  I think the combination could well lead to carbon reductions that exceed any "CAT" target levels, leading to the actual carbon permit prices likely remaining not that far above the GWIF price.

    •  But for the projects that are sound ... (2+ / 0-)
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      A Siegel, sustainable

      ... investments at a national level, we shouldn't buy into the "how do we fund it" challenge ... the USG retains a tremendous capacity to finance spending on the most absurd government consumption (eg, occupation of Iraq to promote recruitment and fundraising of Al Qaeda), the idea that the USG would have trouble financing useful investment is just absurd.

      And for the dispersed projects, having a list of items that are allowed to be financed by commitment of future social dividend payments provides a mechanism with substantial opportunities to improve energy efficiency.

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