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  •  Here in Florida, we're supposed to have caps. (7+ / 0-)

    2009-10 is supposed to be full compliance year.

    Secondary, the highest, is supposed to be capped at 25 students per teacher.

    Teachers haven't gotten a raise (and I mean their scheduled raise, not negotiating new rates) here in two years, and the union will likely cave on allowing schools to give teachers a full schedule, rather than allow them a planning period. (I hope I'm wrong, and the union will force districts to force the state to force the people to see that we must do the right thing. Because yes, teachers need that planning period.)

    Elementary school caps are supposed to be lower. 18-22, depending on grade level.

    If we get to full compliance (and can find the money), it would certainly create new jobs. Construction for new classrooms and to fix up schools and new teaching jobs.

    Likely, most schools won't be at full compliance though; and this is something voters put in the Florida Constitution in the early part of this decade. Then, they voted for lower property taxes which helped few but stripped school budgets. Everybody wants better schools. Nobody wants to pay for it.

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