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    Communities all over the nation are facing devastation. The government is going to need to spend money on rebuilding communities and lives.

    What can not happen is for these "stimulus" programs to to big fat contracts for the large well connected construction firms.

    They need to be "work" projects. Projects whose purpose is to sustain the people not save the corporations.

    Obama has some huge challenges in making sure that these funds be used for the people of this country. What they are spending right now in reality is the actual treasure of this country, our collective wealth passed on through the generations of the building of this country. When it is gone, that's it, we can't just print more. We are running out of capital.

    Government has to go into the business of providing contracts directly to small local businesses. People need to be able to create new small companies to provide the needed goods and services.

    It will be very hard. Imagine a project to install solar panels on top of all the schools in a community. Who do you think will be getting those deals?

    The mindset has to change radically. People need to be put first as was done in the New Deal.

    Can you imagine Barack Obama as FDR, going around to works projects and local small newly formed businesses?  If not, we are in some real trouble, because this is where the rubber hits the road. Either government will work for the people again or we are headed downhill very fast.

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