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View Diary: Generals Plotting to Stab Obama in back: Time to take note (76 comments)

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  •  The military top brass (8+ / 0-)

    are they all the ones that bubbled to the top once Rummy/Bush/Cheney pushed out the ones that argued for some sensible military policies in the first place?  Aren't they all now Bush/RW ideologues or loyalists?

    I think Obama probably counted on some of that.  The fact of the matter is that the GOP administration has gutted our once robust military and much of it is in ruins - the equipment is  ground down by desert sands and extended use, in effect, destroyed (and we don't have the manpower to repair or the money to replace) and we see it in ruined bodies - aside from the official numbers of killed and wounded troops - the long deployments and short home time are taking a toll on the rest of our deployble units - yesterday WaPo ran an article about the physical toll that wearing the heavy battle gear is taking on our troops - so in addition to creating a generation of vets with traumatic brain injuries and PTSD, we're growing a good number that are becoming non-deployable (and will suffer lifelong orthopedic injuries) because of the stress this kind of phyisical pounding is taking on them.  

    That is not even taking into account the questionable supplies being given to the troops - faulty wiring in their trailers, crummy water, sub-standard body armor(will they ever get to the bottom of that issue?).

    Anyone that believes the GOP is the party that cares about the military is just stupid or willfully ignorant.

    And I say this as a member of a long-time military family, with a son and a nephew currently deployed.  The GOP doe NOT care about the military...they only wrap themselves in faux patriotism and say they "support the troops" in order to have them fight, suffer and die so GOP cronies can cash in.

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