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View Diary: Generals Plotting to Stab Obama in back: Time to take note (76 comments)

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  •  those retired generals with their swinging (6+ / 0-)

    doors to the defense contractors. The defense contractors and the Pentagon need war. Endless war.

    Keane, the Army Vice-Chief of Staff from 1999 to 2003, has ties to a network of active and retired four-star Army generals, and since Obama's Jan. 21 order on the 16-month withdrawal plan, some of the retired four-star generals in that network have begun discussing a campaign to blame Obama's troop withdrawal from Iraq for the ultimate collapse of the political "stability" that they expect to follow U.S. withdrawal, according to a military source familiar with the network's plans.

    There's a long, long trail a-winding into the land of my dreams.

    by allenjo on Mon Feb 02, 2009 at 08:09:12 AM PST

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