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  •  I agree with that (0+ / 0-)

    That's a good point and I stand corrected. But if we allow them to propose amendments (which is harmless I'm assuming if it's the same as the house GOP offering amendments), will there be negotiations in which more tax cuts are added, or infrastructure spending is removed?

    •  Always negotiations. (0+ / 0-)

      I assume that the Republicans aim to keep the floor open with amendments as long as possible, while they negotiate additional amendments off the floor and behind closed doors.

      But the more time that's spent openly debating amendments on the floor, the less likely it is that Republicans will be able to continue to hold the door open with the shadow filibuster threat. As the public sees more and more actual debate, they'll be less and less inclined to credit Republican claims that they're being shut out of the process, leaving them with correspondingly less support for any filibuster. So they'll have to move relatively quickly, and try their best to get a Democratic cosponsor for their amendments. The longer the debate goes on, the less chance non-bipartisan amendments will have, and the less worthy of delay they'll be seen by the public to be.

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