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View Diary: DCCC Preliminary Target List Includes Eric Cantor (162 comments)

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  •  Eric Cantor's District (4+ / 0-)

    Here is a map of Eric Cantor's District:

    The district takes in the west end of the city of Richmond, and the suburban counties of Henrico (Cantor's home), Chesterfield, Hanover - whose voters are well to the right of Atilla the Hun and the worst county of city in the entire district for Dems., and Goochland county.  These counties, along with the portion of the City of Richmond that are in this CD, have no Democratics representing them in either the House of Delegates or State Senate - not one.  The remaining counties make up less than a third of registered voters in the district.

    The problem running against Cantor is running a credible candidate against him.  Anita Hartke has run twice against him in the last two election cycles and she has been a disaster - and she has made it known she will run again.  

    Demographic changes occurring in the city of Richmond, Henrico and Chesterfield are helping Dems, and to a much lesser degree, Orange and Culpepper.  But the remainng part of the district, especially Goochland and Hanover, seem to be getting worse.

    Tips to the DCCC for targeting Cantor but the lack of a credible candidate and demograqphic changes that are not yet where they need to be, probably make this district a long-shot for Dems.  


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