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View Diary: Not Enough Stimuli Could Be Worse Than None (201 comments)

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    No stimulus, no tax cuts, nothing. Just let the assholes who took mortgages they could not afford to default and to let a couple more million jobs be lost?

    I mean I was gonna buy a home in 2006 and said, after actually reading the fucking terms, realized that there was no way for me to afford this, but some other asshole took it anyways (I will bet everything I own made less money than me at the time)

    So to be honest after spending the last 18 months reading mostly economic blogs and taking online econimic courses, I say let everyone default.

    To be honest, then someone like myself who makes 7 times my parents did 35 years ago can afford to buy a fucking home.

    Everyone is to blame for this mistake, Dems, Repugs, Independents, etc etc.

    This crisis shows the failures of capitalisim, and the absolute failures of our society.

    Most people don't deserve the shit they think they deserve, and now, as being a financially responsible American, is being screwed because all you folks think we should bailout selfish ignorant assholes who bought homes they could not afford.

    Fuck them. You bought the home, you signed the contracts, you live up to the deal. I said no because i knew it was ridiculous. Apparently we have become a society that embraces irresponsibility and stupidity!

    And someone like myself has to have a large portion of my wealth be diverted to subsidize the assholes who put themselves into a bind because of their pure selfishness and ignorance.


    And I still do not own a home...The moral of the story is of course proclaim ignorance, and our society will embrace you as a victim, and a hero.

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