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  •  OK, I admit it. I did enjoy it, while it lasted. (4+ / 0-)
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    Heck, I was drawing max, about $450 a week, which given my deductions from the wages my full-time truck driving job paid, ended up being only slight less than I was making working fifty to sixty hours a week.  It is also the equivalent of making about fifteen dollars an hour for a forty-hour per week job, after deductions.

    It is also more than my wife brings home working 40+ hours a week as a bank teller.  And I got it for sitting on my butt.

    Don't tell me I didn't earn it.  I damn sure did earn it, paying in UI premiums from my paycheck year after year after year.

    So no, I was in no rush whatsoever to go back to work.  Instead, we just adjusted our budget to work with receiving slightly less net monthly income.

    Unfortunately, it didn't last long (six months) and so I was compelled to return to work, in a very hazardous occupation.  A hazardous occupation that I nearly died from later.  So now I'm on permanent disability, receiving half of what unemployment paid, going to college in the hopes of getting an Associates degree that will get me a job a year and a half from now, at probably what unemployment was paying, IF I'm lucky.  In the meantime my wife and I are now struggling heavily to make ends meet.

    I only wish I could go back to receiving unemployment benefits.  It was almost a good living.

    A dog can't purr, and a cat can't fetch.

    by cn4st4datrees on Tue Feb 03, 2009 at 09:00:28 AM PST

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