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  •  Oh honey. (4.00)
    Don't you know that most people don't hate us to our face (including many people here)? I'm not proferring some sort of victimology when I say that, but it's so true. The saddest news of all is that we as GLBT's were the biggest losers last night because of this sentiment.

    But take heart, my love. The future is bright. Those that misunderstand us most will be dead before most of us are, and history shows that nothing can stop the evolution of culture. Success may take longer than we expected, but I am confident that we will one day be equal citizens in this country if we keep standing up for ourselves, remain aligned with the arts/entertaiment/media communities, and continue being the awe-inspiring people that we are.

    The single most important things we can do as queers is stop all of our internal hatred and be champions for our personal and collective success.

    I know many of you realists (cynics) out there think that GLBT cohesiveness won't happen (and I admit that it will never happen across the board), but it can happen to the point that it makes a difference. Look what we did with HIV/AIDS. We wouldn't have the treatment options that we do without all the fighting we did in the 80's and 90's, demanding compassion, funding, and research as we lost thousands and were forgotten by many. We've demanded and driven the urgent research that is saving our lives and the lives of forgotten people throughout the globe. Our activism does work.

    I plan on doing my part, despite my sadness and disillusionment. I have no time to indulge in small, selfish cynicism while young gay folk are killing themselves in droves.

    I certainly don't like all of my queer brethren, but I certainly do love them all. I hope many of you will join me in increasing the cohesiveness of our community and culture. Since the onset of AIDS, we've never needed it more.

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