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  •  Transform the Democratic party? (none)
    What about those of us who believe that we had the votes?
    I don't think what happened was about US for the most part, I think it was about THEM.
    •  it should not be close enough to steal (none)
      so saying we had the votes ignores the fact that millions of Americans actually chose this FMA-loving Bush Doctrine!

      grok it!

      •  Perception is powerful.. (none)
        and the Republicans have the tools to create a powerful (and deceptive) perception of their guy.
        •  Yep. America has just validated them. (none)
          America has voted. Doesn't matter who voted for and who voted against. America has voted.

          And the neocons have been validated by victory. Ain't no stopping them now. They are claiming this election as their mandate. They cannot be stopped.

          The next four years will be ........ damn - I can't even think of a word that will accurately describe how the next four years will be in this country - and in the world. (There's one word, but I don't think I can spell it - "appocalyptic"?????)

    •  join reality (none)
      this election was close but a pretty clear victory for the Xtian right.  True, if 75 or 100K people in Ohio switched sides, Kerry takes the EC, but Bushco got 3 MM more votes than Kerry.  Nadir was a non-event.  The great unwashed got up and slapped we progressives in the face.
      •  Drop the sarcasm... (none)
        The fact that the Christian right was organized and committed means we should change how? Change the platform? What we stand for? What?
        That's how I read "transform".

        Obviously we could make some improvements, but I don't think this is about what we stand for.

        (why do people have to be so goddam rude on this site??)

        •  Change what we stand for (none)
          My suggestion is not to change what we stand for, but to convince other people that what we stand for is right.  The past year has been about electioneering and politicking - we've been trying to get people to vote Democratic.

          The real challenge is to get people to think progressively.  The righties have taken over our country through shrewd and grass-roots media and religious work.  It's taken them fifty years and countless fortunes.  Taking it back will be difficult and long.

          But we have one key advantage:

          we're right.

          -Fe Wm.

      •  That is the problem (none)
        and Exactly that

        The great unwashed got up and slapped we progressives in the face

        We are supposed to be the party of the 'great unwashed'. WE. The Party of Thoma Jefferson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. You're statement screams out loud exactly what is wrong with the party.

        "I trust God speaks through me. Without that, I couldn't do my job." - pRresident Bush | My other Drunken ravings

        by cdreid on Thu Nov 04, 2004 at 03:25:03 AM PST

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