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  •  it should not be close enough to steal (none)
    so saying we had the votes ignores the fact that millions of Americans actually chose this FMA-loving Bush Doctrine!

    grok it!

    •  Perception is powerful.. (none)
      and the Republicans have the tools to create a powerful (and deceptive) perception of their guy.
      •  Yep. America has just validated them. (none)
        America has voted. Doesn't matter who voted for and who voted against. America has voted.

        And the neocons have been validated by victory. Ain't no stopping them now. They are claiming this election as their mandate. They cannot be stopped.

        The next four years will be ........ damn - I can't even think of a word that will accurately describe how the next four years will be in this country - and in the world. (There's one word, but I don't think I can spell it - "appocalyptic"?????)

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