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  •  Ideas for getting over the 49% hump (none)
    We're not as far away as it feels today.  We replayed 2000 and lost by a relatively small margin (especially for those of us who remember 1980 and 1984).

    It's time to turn the post-election rage into new ideas.  Here's one.  We need our own churches, where we have congregations and revivals and "values" but they're our values.  And we get TAX EXEMPT STATUS for doing it and we get government contracts through faith-based initiatives.

    •  Traveling democracy revivals (none)
      It seems once a year something called "Promise Keepers" comes to Seattle and rents the stadium.  Thousands of middle aged men buy a ticket and listen to hours of preaching on what good values are.   They walk away in a "value high".

      Why not copy them?  What about a traveling revival under the big tent with the right mix of cheerleading, promoting the democratic way and charging up the base on how to tackle and win at the grass roots level.   Win at the city, county and state level and work up from there.

      Pick a leader (Edwards), bring in guest speakers (Obama), get great local press and embrace progressive liberalism.   We have to change the game if we want to win and this is just one idea.

    •  Blue states call their church meetup. (none)

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