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    This 55 year old grandma is waiting to be part of the "emerging progressive infrastructure".  I have fired off letters to the Catholic bishops decrying their politicization of Catholic morality, bringing about a protestant fundamentalist theocracy.  Sorta like a protestant pre-WW2 Italy we got goin' here now, thanks, in large part, to them.
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      I just finished providing post-election therapy to my 68-year-old mother in Michigan.  Like you, she is Catholic and ANGRY at the Bush-licking bishops.  She has always stated that no one will drag her back to pre-Vatican II times.  For my part, I told my husband that I am resigning my positions at our parish.  I just can't stand to be around any fundamentalist Catholics right now, maybe forever.
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      We lost a huge battle, but not the war.  Americans do want progressive solutions to society's problems, and we are the only ones who can deliver them.

      Thanks for taking a principled position regarding your faith.  It couldn't have been an easy decision...

      "Keep watch over absent meaning." --Maurice Blanchot

      by Fisher on Wed Nov 03, 2004 at 05:54:57 PM PST

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