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  •  Old stand-bys (none)

    One member of the old guard that has to go immediately: Terry McAuliffe.  And I think Howard Dean would be an excellent choice to replace him.
    •  Not Dean... (4.00)
      After listening to his speech today, which did more than anything to buck up my spirits and get the wind back in my sails, I'd like to suggest that two years of having John Edwards (who is, after all, now in need of gainful employment) as Chairman of the DNC would do more to put things back together and get us headed in the right direction than anything else I can think of.

      His speech about continuing toward the goal of "one America," of the kind of America that one America would be, and of the fact that along the way things are not going to be easy in getting there, was perfect.  

      We need someone who can re-energize us, and I would say John Edwards is the guy for from now to 2006.  

      Plus, it would help him get ready for 2008.

      William Goldman was right when he said the three rules of Hollywierd are "1) Nobody, 2) knows, 3) anything." Works in the real world, too.

      by HollywierdLiberal on Wed Nov 03, 2004 at 04:04:02 PM PST

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      •  I agree (none)
        Edwards has a down home way of speaking to people, which plays out well.  I wonder if he had run, would things have been different?  In any case, we need a fresh new face, and like a breath of fresh air, I think Edwards is the one for that.  Dean is great for certain things, he's a pitbull with a mission, though, and that does not come off too well in some parts.
      •  Absolutely agree. (none)
        The DNC needs new blood and the Party needs to keep Edwards in the public eye (not to mention, he's exactly the type of Democrat that appeals to the masses and would completely energize the DNC).

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