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    Your comment makes me feel better, which is what we all need in this moment of bereavement.  We need more analysis of rural people here.
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      Well, the first thing is to treat people with respect and don't act like you're better than them.  (I think Kerry could have made fun of himself a little bit more, it sure works for W.  He should have joked about being too formal and such.  Minor quibbles that wouldn't have made a difference this year but it's just a thought.)  The GOP talks big on independence, personal responsibility, and accountability, which I think play very well.  

      People are proud and not looking for the government to help them - or, if they do want the government to help them, they sure don't want it to be explained in those terms.  A fair deal and level playing field for everyone, then let people pull themselves up by their bootstraps.  

      Yeah, we have elitist snob types in our party.  I'm probably one of them, some days.  Perhaps it wouldn't break their hearts if we made fun of them.    I always get a laugh out of Republicans when I joke that I'm not only a big liberal, I speak French.  Let's not, however, give the impression that Dems in government think they know better/more about how people should live their lives.  Hence Bush's misleading attack on Kerry's perfectly sensible health care plan - "it's a government takeover."  Even as he turns around and pushes No Child.  We should hit him back on the same terms, actually.  He sure had no problem with a federal government takeover of the schools.

      Who knows what's on deck for 2008, incidentally, but my gut tells me rural America despises Hillary Clinton.  Big time.

      Let us cultivate our garden.

      by daria g on Wed Nov 03, 2004 at 04:17:09 PM PST

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