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  •  The revolution begins today! (4.00)
    I am wholeheartedly behind you. I am now looking at a Congressional run in 2006; I guess that Model UN experience will come in handy after all.

    Additionally, for all those spending their time on hand-wringing and finger-pointing today I want to share an essay I wrote for my 'blog in the hopes that it lights a few fires under a few whiny asses to take off the funeral garb and resume the fight for the soul of our country. We can only accomplish what we want by not giving in when it gets hard. Anyway, here's the culmination of my thoughts on a hard, hard day.

    We awoke this morning, newly aware of just how uphill our battle really is. We now understand the depth of the ideological divide we face as members of the maligned so-called "reality-based" community. We rise today with an overwhelming sense of disbelief we can quite easily misconstrue as defeat.

    We must not fold.

    Millions of us rallied behind an idea, a vision of the America we know we could be. We believed there should be accountability in leadership. We believed in the notion of full equality for all Americans. We believed that religious faith is a personal matter, not a rationale for a broad collection of exclusionary policies. We believed that economic policy should be designed to bring the hope of prosperity to all, not to provide additional wealth to a narrow, well-heeled few. We believed in real action in compassion, championing health care for all, meaningful improvement in education, relief and opportunity for those damaged by a gamed economy and vast change in the policies that benefit those who ship jobs overseas to line their own pockets.

    We still share those beliefs, don't we? Doesn't our passion reach deep enough to withstand the single and narrow loss of one election season? If we do not continue in this good fight, what of the future we hoped for and envisioned for ourselves, our children and our nation?

    This is our moment of truth, where we can dust ourselves off and begin anew or collapse under the weight of our burden. At this critical moment, we must find the strength to carry that load a bit further. We must channel our resources like never before, transforming the momentary sting into fuel to sustain our momentum.

    We have more strength than we realize. The force of our message broke barriers between us and forged an alliance for progress. That energy is not near to spent. It is renewed and recycled with every heart we touch, every mind we awaken, every eye we open.

    Our happy burden is to keep our passion burning, to continue to reach out to those whose voice has been silenced and give them the courage to find it once more and add it to a growing chorus for change. We can certainly effect change if we are not disheartened into creeping back into the shadows of fear and defeat. We reached a pinnacle of unity none thought possible. If we can recognize this small victory and build upon it, the next victories will bring us even closer to our dreams.

    We only need the patience to not lose sight of them.  

    There is no shortage of battles to be fought. Yesterday's was an important one, but represents only the culmination of all the individual fights for the soul of America. We must never forget what we were fighting for.

    Our environment remains in tremendous danger of irrevokable harm from policy based in profit over safety. With law that allows self-regulation, the hallmark of this lobbyist-driven administration, any lack of action is a signature on our own death warrants. Without our combined voice, our air and water will become weapons against us and our children.

    The stability of our economy teeters on a slim precipice, with little shift needed to bring it crashing down upon itself. While the wealthy feast on a glut of false prosperity, padding themselves for an inevitable fall, the real owners of our economic fate grow ever-concerned over our profligate ways. The dollar and the investments that bestow it with its value rely on the continued flow of Asian contributions for their economic life. Their confidence has eroded, evidenced by a recent issue without even a whiff of foreign interest. If this lack of confidence grows, the dollar will share the fate of every other currency backed by empty coffers, a sharp and deadly dive. We must continue to struggle for the health of our economy or risk the brutal effects of a crash that will make the Great Depression seem mild.

    We must fight to restore the good reputation America once enjoyed abroad. If we can remain firmly in the public eye, loudly and firmly rejecting Bush policies in significant numbers, we stand at least some small chance of retaining some empathy with the rest of the world. Before yesterday, it could be thought that George Bush was acting against the will of the majority of Americans which kept the anger of the world community directed at our misguided leadership. We no longer have that luxury. If nothing else, we must act as a constant and visible reminder of just how many of us find this regime and its policies as distasteful as they do.

    As we spiral further into a new Gilded Age, with massive divides between the haves and have-nots, we must fight for the very survival of the American Dream. For the moment, millions of people of faith are suckered into a sense of belonging, a sense of power in their destinies by a group who used their religion as hook, line and sinker to reel them into their own destruction. While the temptation might be there to point blame at these poor, misguided souls, we must not. Save your ire for the snake-oil salesmen who used their faith as blinders and use the compassion we have to helping them recover from the fall they will feel when they begin to realize the destructive nature of the path they have chosen as its effects close in. They will be hit harder than many of us, being in rural enclaves with less opportunities. Let us be there to offer kindness and understanding to bridge the divide the Bush regime has created by continuing to defend the interests they have overlooked for the distraction of cynically-overemphasized "moral values".

    Most importantly, America's sons and daughters still shed their blood in the killing fields of an illegal war of choice. They are still subject to the whim of leaders with no respect for their sacrifice, using a back-door draft to revoke their freedom and transform them into American prisoners of war. Our continued voice remains the only hope for those now emprisioned by their brave and generous choice to risk their lives for our protection. Our continued dissent acts as a constant reminder of those who can no longer speak, the growing list of martyrs to the misguided policy of American Imperialism.

    Now, more than ever, we must remain steadfast in our resolve to right the wrongs done to thousands of families across this nation. As one half of America celebrates in an orgy of self-congratulatory rhetoric, it is our obligation to speak the truth, to risk everything for it if necessary. It is our task to shout from every rooftop until we have gained retribution for every drop of martyrs' blood shed.

    Though it has been very tempting to fall victim to despondency and a sense of defeat, our commitment to these and a host of other issues must drive us forward. We fervently hoped for responsible leadership and must not rest until that hope is reality. There is a tremendous groundswell of support for dramatic change, we only need to keep the will to persevere through adversity. We need only steel ourselves, set our jaws and swear to never rest until the work is indeed done.

    Today, our focus should be on finding more like minds to gather with other groups of like minds until we are a single force to be reckoned with. We must look for alternate means of communication, from web-based radio and broadcast to independent publishers, to keep the message of change in the forefront of as many minds as possible. We should be seriously considering running campaigns against an army of entrenched GOP water-carriers, even if just to have a means to reach more people and to have a chance to put our voices behind the mic and shout the truth to power.

    That is how a revolution begins.

    Long live the Revolution!

    ~ The Pissed-off Pollyana
        Mich Fisher

    •  Great post (none)
      but I don't think I can forgive these people. We offered them an honorable candidate with a life's history of service to his country and they mocked him with purple heart band aides.

      They voted for hatred disguised as moral values.

      John Kennedy in his Civil Rights speech of 1963 declared that racial discrimination was not just legally wrong, it was morally wrong.

      Makes you wonder if the Civil Rights Bill had been instead a ballot initiative, would the big red "moral" majority, in the privacy of the voting booth, have voted it down?

      •  Wow (none)
        I totally agree with you. There's no forgiving those thugs and their SwiftLiars campaign. They're amoral and disgusting. We can't forget or forgive what they did.
      •  I can totally understand the anger (none)
        but honestly can't hold the blindered masses any more responsible for being gamed than old folks who get taken in by confidence men. How many of those people got the slightest opportunity to see John Kerry as the man he is rather than a caricature, lovingly crafted by the media and the greedy SOB's that own it? They were too busy parroting campaign rhetoric and spouting horce race analogies to get around to anything substantive, much less helpful.

        It's all about hearts and minds. The issues come afterward for most people. Unfortunately, we have been doing it backward while Rove et al just laughed and laughed. The forgiveness we have for the people they sold a bill of goods to now will be what helps to wake up their common sense when it all comes crashing in on them.

        I used to facilitate abuse survivor support groups. Most folks still in the abusive relationship refused to see the truth until reality slapped them in the face. My attitude was always patience and understanding when I really just wanted to scream and a lot of empathy when their fantasies crumbled. It wasn't until then that they realized that I was not the enemy afterall. This seems a very relevant parallel. Just a thought anyway.

        Keep the faith, my friend.

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