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  •  Five Lessons for Democrats (none)
    Let the recriminations begin. Progressives will no doubt cite a host of factors, from Kerry's wooden personality, the unshakable flip-flopper label, the Swift Boat slanders, "voted for it before I voted against it", among others. But these are questions of tactics, not strategy. At the end of the day, Democrats must realize their party is adrift in terms of ideology, policy and branding, and that is the source of Tuesday's calamity.

    Democrats need to learn five lessons from this debacle, and learn them fast:

    • Restore credibility on national security.
    • Compete for white males.
    • Move beyond identity politics.
    • Understand "intensity versus propensity" in the culture wars.
    • Focus on branding and communications.

    For more details, see:

    "The Donkey Gets Its Ass Kicked:  Five Lessons for Democrats in 2004"


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