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  •  The beginnings of branding? (none)
    How about a right on?  They made "liberal" a bad word, and we rolled over on our backs and said "please don't hurt us anymore."  Time to reclaim our values and redefine our message.  I like Progressives.  It's positive.  It makes them "regressives" or reactionaries, like you said--which is how their majority voted--out of fear and hate.

    We need to take a page from the media.  They get people to believe whatever it is they're pushing by the branding.  I couldn't help noticing in the first Gulf War how fast CNN came up with a catchy theme song and a snazzy looking graphic.  People remember that stuff, and they expect it.  Just like humming the theme to a commercial, they remember the little logos, slogans, and catch phrases.  How many of us still remember "Where's the Beef?" and that was 20 years ago.

    We need to spread our message, but we can use their language to do it.

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