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  •  The role of the Senate vs. the role of a state. (1+ / 0-)
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    Man from Wasichustan

    The Constitution gives the some limited authorities regarding the seating of a Senator;  but the Constitution also gives the citizens of a state the authority to select the persons who will represent the state. According to Minnesota election law, an Election Certification can not be issued unit after a Minnesota Election Contest Court has made its ruling as to which candidate received the the most legally cast votes.  

    Because the Minnesota Election Contest Court has not made such a ruling, the election has not been decided -- thus the people of the state (through its election, recount, and contest processes) have not yet selected the junior Senator to represent our state.  And given this fact, the talk of Harry Reid concerning aprovisional seating is (to quote our Jim Hightower populist Secretary of Sate Mark Ritchie): "horsepooy.

    There has been much talk in the blog-o-sphere about a "provisional seating" with reference to the Senate's authority as outlined in the Constitution; but but these discussions almost always overlooked is the Constitutionally defined role of the citizens of a state in the selection of its members of congress.  More needs to be written about this, I think.

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