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View Diary: UK Foreign Secretary Backs Up on Claim Regarding Obama Administration's Torture-Related 'Threat' (208 comments)

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    We see here, in this diary, that the Bush Administration was not simply incompetent or merely criminal, but were in fact, active enemies of the United States.

    Today, former vice president Cheney said publicly that he believes that the United States will be attacked soon by an enemy with nuclear or biological weapons.

    It is time to publicize Dick Cheney's many involvements with various criminal schemes that endangered the security of the United States, from the beginning of his first term, and continuing all the way up to the end of his second term.

    Few people in this country, or elsewhere, are aware that since 2001, Dick Cheney has been trying to make a deal with the government of China to buy nuclear fuel from Westinghouse and several other corporations. This deal would make Cheney and his heirs billionaires. This deal would have been dependent upon a $250 billion dollar program, funded by the taxpayers, to reprocess nuclear waste into nuclear fuel. The taxpayers foot the bill, and the corporations and Dick Cheney scoop up the profits.

    So focussed was Cheney on this legacy nest-egg, that he concocted false intelligence to suggest that Iran was developing a nuclear bomb. Cheney did this in order to try to justify nuking Iran's nuclear fuel industry, a fanatical scheme which was assisted by former Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, who changed the nuclear doctrine of the United States, in violation of arms control treaties, to allow a first-strike nuclear attack on a non-nuclear armed nation which was "suspected" of developing nuclear weapons. Iran was developing a nuclear fuel industry with Russia, and the fuel was intended for sale to the Chinese. This summer, Russia and Iran got the contract.

    But that's not the worst of it. Not satisfied that mere "stories" laundered through foreign intelligence agencies would do the trick, Cheney arranged to transfer pieces of nuclear weapons through the black market to rogue Iranian military officers, in order to concoct a cassis belli against Iran.

    The massive racketeering, espionage, treason and theft perpetrated by Cheney is unlike any other criminal scheme in our history. This man committed multiple death-penalty felonies as vice president. And I haven't even mentioned torture, illegal spying, outing a CIA agent, starting a war to profit his corporate cronies, or assuming imperial powers in direct contradiction to existing law, have I?

    Even in this rather long comment, I haven't commented on the activities of at least 33 criminal conspirators, who systematically committed or aided and abetted war crimes, treason, espionage, racketeering and abuses of power.

    But I was talking about Cheney, wasn't I? Still slipping through the cracks at The Washington Post and other outlets: The story about how 12,000 Iraqi refugees were resettled in the United States last year, and how strange and unexplained transfers of biological agents were taking place, at the direction of the federal government. And then there's the mysterious disappearance of pieces of nuclear weapons. ONE THOUSAND missing pieces of nuclear weapons.

    There is still an outstanding scheme that Cheney put into play, and it has something to do with Iraqi refugees, illegal transfers of pieces of nuclear weapons, and biological weapons.

    We may have WEEKS to figure out what that scheme is and defeat it. I believe that Robert Gates and others have already taken a number of steps to thwart Cheney's plan, and they MAY have succeeded in aborting it altogether. But this is no time to be complacent. I would argue, also, that we already have enough to put Cheney and perhaps some accomplices under military arrest, and that is best done NOW for national security reasons. We must lock these folks down to prevent any passage of signal.

    For those who doubt me, look up Cheney's plan to attack Iran, leaked to the press in 2005. The trigger for that plan was a 9/11-type attack on the United States. Remember what I said about Cheney's nest-egg. He's been denied it, and now this dangerous enemy of the United States will try to plunge the world into chaos in a fit of pychotic, narcissistic pique. Believe it.

    I thought Cheney's plans had been sidetracked by the efforts of Gates and Schlesinger, but this latest foray into the public by Cheney, with his dire warnings, makes me think he's still got a cell out there, waiting for the signal. The psychotic hubris of this criminally insane madman might give away his last desperate attempt to distract the world from his crimes. If we find out what it is.

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