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View Diary: Franken's motion to amend his Counterclaims (34 comments)

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    I'll re-read your comments and see what I can conclude tomorrow.

    •  diagram (0+ / 0-)

      Supercircle: On Coleman's list

      Subcircle A: Contested for one of the reasons acceptable to the court (this subcircle is estimated at max 4800).

      Subcircle B: Disclosed by deadline and in manner (by name) specified by the court.

      Subcircle C: Entered into evidence by Coleman.

      Subcircle D: Determined to be valid votes (these are the ballots that will eventually be counted).

      Similar set of circle for Franken, except at present, the restriction that defines Franken's subcircle B has not yet been determined.

      Add another circle: counted by agreement or stipulation of the parties

      Add the two innermost circles to the stipulated ballots and you get the total.  Make other adjustments TBD (double counted, miscounted, etc).  That gives you the final result.

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