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    I'm afraid Obama needs more than 400 words to defend the stimulus plan.  To counter the GOP spin, now accepted as conventional wisdom, someone needs to educate the American people about (1) what's really in the package and (2) how stimulus works.

    The Post's lead editorial is absolute nonsense if you know anything about economics:

    As credible experts, including some Democrats, have pointed out, much of this "long-term" spending either won't stimulate the economy now, is of questionable merit, or both. Even potentially meritorious items, such as $2.1 billion for Head Start, or billions more to computerize medical records, do not belong in legislation whose reason for being is to give U.S. economic growth a "jolt," as Mr. Obama himself has put it. All other policy priorities should pass through the normal budget process, which involves hearings, debate and -- crucially -- competition with other programs.

    Funds for Head Start and medical records will increase aggregate demand in the economy and create or preserve jobs.  In other words, these funds are stimulative.

    The "credible experts" referenced here, if they exist, must be hack ideologues who work for the Heritage Foundation.

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