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  •  When I talk to clients who want to save money and (0+ / 0-)

    build "green" I tell them that the best way to do both is to build less. It's so damn easy. Construction cost: $150/sf

    2500 sf house = $375,000
    2000 sf house = $300,000
    1000 sf house = $150,000

    of course this is not exact; there is some economy that comes with scale, but doesn't it feel better to build less, and to build better (put nice casework in which will allow your den also to be a sewing room when you fold out your sewing station). Save money for usable exterior landscaped spaces instead of a stupid lawn.

    But in the US, which often values property on a $/sf basis building a smaller, higher quality living space frequently does not make economic sense when it comes to resale.

    Our society needs to come to value quality, but how this can be accomplished I do not know.

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