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View Diary: KS-Sen: Kansas is Sebelius country (94 comments)

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  •  Surprised Moran is behind (1+ / 0-)
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    I really thought Moran would wipe the floor with Tiahrt (who is perceived as somewhat of a jackass).  A Moran/Sebelius race would be tough, because Moran really is a Bob Dole Republican who can come across as reasonable-- meaning he's real appealing to those moderate Rs Sebelius has been winning.  

    Tiahrt is a fire-breathing rightwinger-- the pattern here in KS has been everytime the GOP nominates a fire-breather for statewide office, they lose.  Let's hope they make the same mistake again.

    Here's some video showing Tiahrt being a blowhard (note- Boeing lost a contract to FRANCE- Boeing is his district's Wichita No. 1 employer):

    Some vid of Moran (on the farm bill-- you can see how he comes across as less the blowhard than Tiahrt):

    And our beloved Kathleen:

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