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  •  tie the Stimulus to U.S. workers (11+ / 0-)
    Dear Jeff Merkley, unless I am hallucinating and I do not believe I am, for Keynesian economics to work, the temporary government expenditures must be tied to domestic income.  In other words, U.S. jobs for U.S. workers.

    As it stands now, a good 25% of those jobs could be offshore outsourced or these large contractors could import guest workers directly and through "body shop" subcontractors.

    That "blows up" the Keynesian economics behind the stimulus theory and also will increase the trade deficit, which is part of the equation.

    They need to tie U.S. domestic debt (deficit spending), U.S. taxpayer money to U.S. jobs for U.S. workers.  

    That's the damn theory and if they expect it to actually work and raise GDP, they have to follow some fundamental algebraic equations here.

    You have a complete argument on forest management that it will create U.S. jobs and thus raise income, stop the wage-deflation spiral of massive unemployment as well as be an investment in the U.S. future.

    I do not know the unemployment rate for rural areas where these jobs would most likely be produced but I will assume it is way beyond the median.  

    Somewhere, somehow, Congress needs to take economics 101 and get real on what the statistically provable results are of various theories.  The historical data is there, the theory is there and yes, it is objective.  

    This stuff works when done right in a recession, especially with deflation added to the equation.

    Might add wetlands in there somehow since it has the potential for biofuels to alternative energy...little money for wave power won't hurt either!

    Please vote yes on the Sanders-Grassley 306 amendment, critical to STEM/tech/IT U.S. professionals.

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