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    Personally I did not like the video - it may/did make me think: how can "they" be so dumb? I fear those who have been brainwashed to think big government is bad could view it and say: yuppers big government is bad. $27 won't even buy a carton of my cigarettes.

    Today I happened to have a conversation with a young adult who is a dishwasher at a regional chain restaurant. She'd seen something on TV about the single woman who just had the 8 babies. She'd heard about the anger toward the doctor, the concerns about the 6 children she already had, observed that the woman was trying to find her happiness in children and thought the woman was not very reality oriented. Her main concern was the 14 young children who, through no fault of their own, were in this situation.

    Our conversation touched on individual rights to choose; legal responsibilities; the role of State Children's services; legal representation for the State, the mother and guardian ad-ligates for each child; foster care; adoption; professionals to assist in making choices in the interest of the children and the apparent reality that our tax dollars will be needed to help the children....and why parts of the Stimulus Bill may apply to this one situation - and a host of other hurting families who are not getting the attention this situation is getting.

    My point is informationals to dispel ignorance would be more effective if more attention was focused on real concerns of  low information people so they can relate to exactly how big government really affects them and their concerns.

    Great topic.

    "He (Obama) is a person ... who sees people as linked rather than ranked ...." ~ Gloria Steinem

    by Anne933 on Wed Feb 11, 2009 at 09:00:16 PM PST

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