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  •  How About the 1870's? (1+ / 0-)
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    Just think of the advantages. You could send all your kids out to work at age 10. You yourself could work a 12-hour day 6 days a week, very good for building the character. If you were injured on the job or thrown out of work, you could...not do much, actually. If you were a grocer, you could mix the dried beans 50-50 with gravel, and the flour 50-50 with plaster of Paris, increasing your profit (how do I know this? My 1870's cookbook advises the housewife on how to discern these impurities). There would be no silly old government saying what you could sell under the name of "medicine"---you could boil up any old crap in your basement and sell it as the universal panacea (some did so, with impunity of course). Or, with the same education as Joe the Plumber, you could bill yourself as Joe the Surgeon and operate on people. Thank you, I'll take a smidgeon of Socialism with my government. Big business has never protected me: government has.

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