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    Medicine?  Try having a procedure done on medicare or medicaide.  Wait time is typically months if it is not an emergency.  On private insurance, typically days or weeks.
    National Defense: Has to be handled by the government since you wouldn't want independent corporate militias running around. The military however has never been accused of being particularly cost effective however.  If you beg to differ I'd love to hear the argument.
    Allocation of scarce Resources:  Such as what?  Or is your argument more of the standing in the way of production of resources.

    BTW if you know any doctors you'd be able to answer the "why does health insurance cost so much in America" question.  1) Malpractice insurance costs: you know the added slip and fall lawyer tax.  2) State mandated procedures.  If your twenty & healthy you will probably pay more for insurance than you recieve in benefits.  Why? because you're subsidising mandated procedures.  Maybe you want to subsidise chiropractic treatments, infertility treatment & mental health care.  Maybe you don't. It doesn't really matter what you think because you can't purchase a policy that doesn't cover these treatments.

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