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    The Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research ("CAMR") has sent its members the follow important alert, complete with a for letter to send President Obama:

    Attached is a copy of the letter we just sent to President Obama urging him to act quickly and issue an Executive Order that lifts the federal restrictions on funding for embryonic stem cell research.

    While we have no information causing us to believe that the commitment to reverse the restrictive Bush policy will not be kept, the delay in action from President Obama is beginning to cause us concern.  There have been recent press reports that suggest that he may be considering linking an Executive Order with legislative action.  We believe that such a delay is unnecessary and could complicate the issue.  Please contact the White House with the following message.  We are so close and we need your strength in numbers now more than ever to urge President Obama to treat this as the priority that we know it is.

    To send email messages to the White House go to the website and select the “contact us” tab in the top right corner.  Fill out the email form to send a message.

    Call the White House comment line at: 202-456-1111

    Message to President Obama:  This message contains less than 500 characters and has been written to comply with the strict limit imposed on emails to the White House.   If you add comments, your complete message may not be received.  Cut and paste this message into the comment box.


    I ask you to immediately issue an Executive Order to reverse the federal restriction on funding for human embryonic stem cell research.

    Progress has been stalled long enough. The 100 million patients who suffer from cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetes, Parkinson's, spinal cord injuries, heart disease, ALS, and others diseases look to you to allow embryonic stem cell research to move forward.

    Research cannot wait for legislation. An Executive Order from you today could offer hope for so many.

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