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  •  Forgive me (none)
    I wasn't implying that your call was politically motivated, although I think in the most active and dedicated clergy (and laypeople), there is virtually no dividing line between spiritual life, personal life, political life and social life. Ha! Much like Jesus, I suspect.

    In my experience though, there isn't much mixing at all between the Christian right and the Christian left. And as much as I admire your desire to combat the Christian right on their own ground, I don't think you're even on the same battlefield most of the time.

    And while I'm aware of the progressive clergy alliances made in the past few years (particularly against the war in Iraq), these moves don't seem to get one-tenth the airtime/play as fundie issues. This seems to me a problem -- I think -- of the left in general and doesn't have to do with religion.

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