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View Diary: 2009-2010 ELECTIONS: OH-Gov. And if Strickland run for senate? (updated) (10 comments)

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      He's announced for Senate. This is a pretty junky analysis that throws in everything but the kitchen sink (listing every single representation in the state as a potential gubernatorial candidate completely defies reality) and I would have a little more faith in it if it weren't littered with typos.

      The reality is this: Strickland retired from Congress and Washington D.C. because he wanted to end his career at home in ohio in a role where he is comfortable; as governor. At his age he isn't suddenly going to adbandon the state and go back to D.C. It's not in the cards.

      At this point, I totally disagree with another poster here that Portman is scaily strong. Portman is a complete unknown in most of the state and he has a disastrous position on the ONLY issue that will matter in 2010 (read today's Cleveland Plain Dealer cover story): JOBS. Unless he can convincingly completely repudiate everything he has ever said and believed on trade, he's doomed. Alpha and omega. Maybe Hillary could do some verbal ju-jitsu and convince primary voters she was the candidate who opposed free trade; Portman can't do it.

      As for the governor's race, since it will be a tough uphill climb for any republican to beat Strickland and since the economy is a disaster area (as someone said at Rootscamp yesterday, and no one contradicted him, Ohio is in full-on depression), I suspect Kasich won't take risk either taking a beating or winning and getting an enormous pay cut and a bunch of headaches. he's young enough to run in 2014.

      Not one of the candidates on your list of "possible' candidates for governor here makes any sense; not a single one. Ed Feighan? Charles Luken? Dennis Kucinich???? Only if we want to top Rob Burch's losing margin back in 1994. No, thanks. IF Strickland opted out (and it wouldn;t be to run for senate; it would likely be for health reasons), I'd say the logical replacement would be Lee Fisher. As far as I know, Strickland is in good health.

      That you even put Jean Schmidt and Martin Hoke on your list of possible Republican candidates shows you aren't serious, and I don't know why I am responding except that Ohio politics is my bread and butter.

      As for DeWine, word is he will run against Cordray for AG. I think Cordray will win; he MUST win if the people of ohio aren't lunatics and willing to replace the most intelligent and average-person-focused AG in the country in favour of a lazy, rich-peoples' water carrier. I'm less worried than some because DeWine was a shoo-in to re-take his senate seat in 2006 and look how he blew that. If Cordray makes the campaign about protecting OPhians from scam artists, DeWine's got nothing; he'll have to resort to photoshopped ads and lies again.

      Rob Portman: He sent your job to China.

      by anastasia p on Sun Feb 08, 2009 at 06:09:57 AM PST

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        This 3 comments was like another poll. That not like tell they are very strongs, or strongs. Whit these comments i only try we see the more strong, and he can be so weak.

        And this bid for make a second poll was for try see who of they can be more difficult for the second democratic candidate. I dont agree about the reasons for T Strickland run for governor in 2006.

        In these lists what i make for these diaries you have all candidates what sound for Ohio races. Lee Fisher, J Brunner, T Ryan... of course all possible candidates not have the same options of win a primary election in Ohio for senate or for governor, and very much of they will not run. Im not talk about primaries with 20 candidates. This is a overview where we can see all names.

        About Portman, i think is so weak candidate. Maybe DeWine be more strong, and i agree, DeWine can lose against Cordray. Of course Portman not run for governor. We are talking about Ohio, and about if is interesting for democratic party Ted Strickland run for senate, and like can get the race for governor without Ted Strickland. Is only another option, you can see in this rank very much options for very much states. I understand you not like this option.

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