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View Diary: Abandoning (Bipartisan)ship (255 comments)

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  •  If I know it (4+ / 0-)
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    boilerman10, marina, 3goldens, Edgewater

    and you know it, November '08 should say the Democrats know it, then all we should need to do is stand out of the way as the remains of the Republican Party of Newt   is scattered in the midst of history.

    Yet, like mothers, we keep hope that there remains some good amongst the jackals of Democracy.

    Don't make me stop the car and come back there!

    •  Except for the media, still partisan (2+ / 0-)
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      HenryBurlingame, eyesonly

      I hope the FCC is getting ready to enforce a few rules on the bastiges. We shouldn't have to be fighting liars till the end of our days. They've already poisoned the well; it's time to drain it and clean out the scum.

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